Coomera , Queensland 4209 (Australia)

Debra Yuille

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08/12/17 11:45 am
40 The Esplanade (Mano's Italian)
Paradise Point, QLD 4216

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About Debra Yuille

Had part-time businesses in my 20's, Entered the world of the self-employed in my 30's, In my 40's I discovered I didn't know everything and stepping into my 50's I'm ready to have some fun.

I enjoy walking in the ocean, good coffee, eating well, the occasional glass of wine as well as reading, speaking, empowering, inspiring and connecting with entrepreneurs, presenting, networking and connecting others which is why I became a Heartlink Leader.

Like most women I wear multiple hats and really like residual streams of income!!

1. Telecommunications and Energy Representative. On the bills you have to pay anyway, rather than supporting telemarketing, junk mail, television, billboard and stadium advertising, consider redirecting your spending to a company that provides a meal to Foodbank, feeding Australian children who would otherwise not get breakfast before school.

Visit: Stop Losing Money on Bills

2. Feng Shui Consultant, Author and Trainer. For your life to change, first you must change. Feng Shui is about making changes in your environment to support you as you transform.

Move Your Stuff Change Your Life. Karen Carter

The Slight Edge. Jeff Olsen

Good Feng Shui.  Debra Jarvis

3. BDM for my husband who is an Adwords Whiz. There's demand for what you do, he can channel it to find you!!

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The best book I've ever read is: Enthusiasm makes a Difference. Norman Vincent Peale

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Debra Yuille, Dot Kirkup, Gisela Rone, Inke Loos, Karen Bailey, Kathryn Seaton, Lisa Tolmie, Lynne Cutler, Janine Fraser, Lynda Steffens,

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