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Portia Franklin

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07/25/17 12:00 pm
Newhall, CA 91321

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About Portia Franklin

Hello! Thank you for visiting our Chapter Page! I am honored and excited to bring professional business women together to collaborate and empower one another.Are you a women in business looking to make more connections with people just like you? Do you struggle with the traditional networking events,or have a feeling that something is missing, or you want to have a little more connection without all of the rules that come with the pricey networking?Or are you a work at home mom or eutrepernuial women that struggles with making connection and asking for referrals? I was in your shoes,before Heart Link Newtork came into my life. You are here by divine intervention because you and me where ment to be.

A little about me:  

I believe every problem has a solution ,and sitting alone makes any challenge or goal harder to meet but by being connected, life and goal getting becomes fun.Truth be told,I am a 44 year old mom with two kids I traded my mid-life crises Porsche for two kids ,formula ,and pampers. So here is what I decided :I got board with being diaper damed and formula fixed so I decided to bring together a network of like minded womem to emmulate the Porsche driving experiece NO, NO ,its not a car its an experience of connection !!!! . I believe by hearing insider secrets about how women have found the will to win ,or turned tragedy into triumph ,its inspiring and transcends beyond motivation .Who I am is tolerable wife who discovered why marriage was the leading cause of divorce, of course with the exception, that marriage sometimes has tax advantages(I learned that from one of my network connections) I am an eccentric mom, a connection strategist, a food connoisseur with over 25 pounds of experience,with food and connecting people, I am a sometimes dreadful grammar elitist with a personal vendetta against too much perfection, and a social psychology aficionado (just kidding the word aficionado sounded rather attractive). From being featured on the radio a couple of times, to doing promotions that make moms ,women who wear many hats ,and teachers feel special, to being a public speaker to children and adults, I have my hands quite full on this adventure of enjoying being a mom, well sort of. What Heart Link offers is a unique opportunity to experience a greater bond with authentic hearted women entrepreneurs and small business women in a fun light-hearted way. Every Heart Link event has the power to amaze as you hear unique human stories of courage adventure, rags to riches, or sheer willpower-to win-over-adversity, in an engaging 3 minute .These stories inspire a profound reaction of sales, referrals, and partnerships that transcends just doing business .Come have an experience with us and experience your personal freedom and joy as deeper connections and bonds are made.
In addition  to Heart Link I provide another way for women to connect with other business women in a relaxed setting  through  in-home spa retreats This is a community .In this community we let go of the  hold on our creativity which is the very source that sales ,referals ect ...come from, and emmerse our five senses in an experience of midfulness and letting go.This is the next conscoius step of course if the refferal flow happens to be slow. I help ladies, create a spa-like experience by teaching them how to use our BeautiControl products to relax  and emerses all five senses in rejevination and relaxation.I encourage women to take some time for themselves. But wait there is more !!!!! So come have an experience and find out.Join in on the fun .


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