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Tri-city , British Columbia V3B 4G4 (Canada)

Diana Kehoe

Upcoming Event

03/02/18 9:45 am
1865 walnut cres (basement, enter to the right)
coquitlam, BC v3j 7t2

Future Events

03/19/18 7:00 pm
03/20/18 7:00 pm
04/06/18 9:45 am
04/17/18 7:00 pm
04/18/18 7:00 pm
05/04/18 9:45 am
05/14/18 7:00 pm
05/15/18 7:00 pm
06/01/18 9:45 am
06/18/18 7:00 pm
06/19/18 7:00 pm
07/06/18 9:45 am
07/16/18 7:00 pm
07/17/18 7:00 pm
08/03/18 9:45 am
08/20/18 7:00 pm
08/21/18 7:00 pm
09/07/18 9:45 am
09/17/18 7:00 pm
09/18/18 7:00 pm

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Your health and comfort are very important to us, therefore please contact our HLN leaders with any allergy concerns whether they be food allergies, or allergies to pets.

About Diana Kehoe

I am thrilled to serve our community by leading networking events for professional women. Our meetings are fun and effective for making new friends and growing your business at the same time. We can't wait to see you!

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About Me:
My career is in Early Childhood Educator with Infants and Toddlers. I am an Independent Team Leader with the Pampered Chef. Contact me for Quality Cooking Tools, Bridal Showers, Cooking Shows, and Fundraisers. www.pamperedchef.biz/deeskitchengadgets Please stop by my facebook page and give it a like www.facebook.com/deeskitchengadgets check out some yummy recipes!
I am also a Barefoot Books Ambassador Contact me for Amazing children's books, games, puppets and puzzles! Please stop by my facebook page and give it a like www.facebook.com/barefootbooksdiana

Latest Event (Feb 20, 2018)

Member Showcase Mary-Ann KehoeI'm

We all love and appreciate so much that Mary-Ann open's her house for our dinner meetings every month! She shares how you can get things clean using environmentally friendly Norwex! "Customer Satisfaction is my measure of Success!" Mary-Ann Kehoe

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