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Amy Lund

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07/10/17 11:30 am
Ramada Plaza -300 W F Street
Casper, WY 82601

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08/08/17 11:30 am
09/12/17 11:30 am
10/10/17 11:30 am
11/14/17 11:30 am
12/12/17 11:30 am

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About Amy Lund

My name is Amy Lund and I am a Stella & Dot Independent Stylist in Casper, Wyoming. I am also the CEO of my own real estate business, a busy mom, and devoted wife. After an entire year of rediscovering my true value, self-worth, and uncovering my inner passion to show women how to be successful in business, I decided to take my passion for helping women to the next level.  The stars aligned and I found the perfect opportunity to connect with new faces, fulfill my love for fashion, provide joy in the lives of others, and empower women to find their purpose. I'm so happy for the choice, and I am truly blessed beyond belief!

My true desire is to manifest strength, power, confidence, and worth to women in business. One of the most precious gifts we have is the ability to live in abundance. You were designed to be successful in everything you do!!  After leading The Women's Networking Event here in Casper for 2 years, I stepped down to "re-group". I am now very excited to be taking the position as a Heart Link Leader again and I look forward to connecting with you soon! 


Latest Event (Jun 13, 2017)

Our Fabulous Attendees

Amy Lund, Barbara Flinn, Carissa Nickerson , Julikay Cook, Diana Jack, Diane Pryich, Elaine Vangelov, Erin Gamroth, Kallasandra "Kally" Moran, Linda Kantor , Jen Nicolae , Maegan Wittke, Pam Miller, Brenda Short ,

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