Beaufort, SC 29906 (USA)

Theresa M Jackson

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03/20/18 11:00 am
217 Whelk Road
Beaufort, SC 29906

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03/20/18 6:00 pm
04/17/18 11:00 am
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05/15/18 11:00 am
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08/21/18 11:00 am
08/21/18 6:00 pm
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10/16/18 11:00 am
10/16/18 6:00 pm
11/20/18 11:00 am
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12/18/18 11:00 am
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01/15/19 11:00 am

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About Theresa M Jackson

Theresa M. Jackson is a writer, speaker, and life & relationship coach who encourages women to explore the possibilities of what they really want and how to make it happen. Women who seem to have it all, but feel trapped in relationships, jobs, or clothes that just don’t fit anymore. Women who are numb, pretending that their exhaustive life is a happily ever fairy tale. Women who discover that no matter what life throws at them, or bad decisions they think they’ve made, learn to embrace their hot mess and laugh, love, cry, feel, have fun and come alive again! Life is messy, but Theresa will show you that, everything will be okay.

“There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.” - Madeleine K. Albright

This quote has inspired Theresa for many years. She intentionally pursues her life’s purpose helping women discover their own secret power and distinctive strength through one-on-one and group online programs, and through her 1/2-day, 3-day and 10-day retreats. She will compassionately help you navigate a relationship or divorce, start over after 40 and building a new life, launch a dream business, lose weight for a strong, fit, healthy body, or create a life of passion and purpose.

She believes that women possess an amazing and extraordinary capacity to love, to nurture, to inspire, to forgive, and to support. Through her writing, in-person workshops, or her "Find Your Happy" program, Theresa speaks to all audiences with an entertaining and inspirational voice, but also with a compassionate soul that was hard earned through her own personal journey in life. Theresa has worked in behavioral healthcare for nearly 30 years. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Juice Plus+ distributor.

Unhappy? Frustrated? Living an unfulfilled life? Or on the verge of a breakdown? Time to "Embrace Your Hot Mess" and "Find Your Happy!" Reconnect to your dreams. Have more energy. Discover passion and love. Free one-on-one confidential telephone consultation. Email to arrange for an appointment.

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